About 2BLOK

What is 2BLOK™?

The name 2BLOK™ is a play on words. Does it mean “to block” out air, or, perhaps “tube block” for caulking tubes?  Who knows?! However, being in the spray foam business, my job every day is to find ways to block air from going into or out of a building. Hence the idea for 2BLOK™!  Also, being an insulation specialist requires me to buy lots of canned foam and caulk. Invariably, there always seems to be left over cans and/or tubes at the end of a job, which was the inspiration behind 2BLOK™!


Use 2BLOK™ to help seal open containers!

Use 2BLOK to help seal open containers!

Some uses for 2BLOK™!

To my knowledge 2BLOK™ is the only thing that can stop a foam can from curing. Believe me, I’ve tried everything and have seen and heard lots of solutions and feeble attempts at keeping caulk tubes fresh. None of them work, however, because every method allows air to pass into the tube. Wire nuts and sheet rock screws will work for a few days, but only 2BLOK™ is a permanent solution for sealing left over tubes. With 2BLOK™ caulking tubes will last for years!

The day to day toil of keeping up with business costs, maintaining a big old house and keeping an old Land Rover running has me using 2BLOK™ everywhere.  I keep containers of 2BLOK™ in my trucks, the junk draw in my kitchen and in my tools boxes. Life is complicated enough, so when you come across a product like mine that fixes problems THAT NOTHING ELSE CAN  it becomes your savior!

Keep water out of extension cord connections with 2Blok!

Keep water out of extension cord connections with 2BLOK!

How many times have you put Christmas lights out on your house and then it rains? How many times has your GFI plug tripped and you have to wait until the rain stops to fix the problem? 2BLOK™ to the rescue! When I put up my christmas lights, 2BLOK™ goes on every connection and no problems! How many times have you reached for a caulk tube, or bottle of Gorilla Glue, only to find that it dried up? You either have to put your project on hold or get in the car and go to the hardware store and buy more. Have you ever wondered why someone hasn’t come up with a way to stop this stuff from drying out?  Well, now we have! For people whose lives are fast paced and don’t have time to spend messing around, 2BLOK™ is the answer to so many little annoyances.




Keep carbonated beverages fresh with 2Blok!

Keep carbonated beverages fresh with 2BLOK!

Can’t get a cork back into the wine bottle? Who can? 2BLOK™ ! It’s the quick solution for so many things that don’t have solutions. I have come up with many many uses for my product but I am only one guy. I’m sure there are hundreds and hundreds more.You just have to need an answer for something to realize how much 2BLOK™ will put your mind at ease and get you getting on with life. As I say in all of my videos “2BLOK™ – there’s nothing like it!”