About 2BLOK™


2BLOK™ or Not 2BLOK™….That is the Question!

Frustrated trying to re-use a bottle of glue, caulk, adhesive or spray foam just to find that the contents have dried completely?  So many DIY enthusiasts, remodelers, hobbyists and homeowners have struggled with the endless dilemma of how to re-use tubes, bottles and containers after being opened.  But American ingenuity has once again come up with a solution!  2BLOK™ to the rescue!


Use 2BLOK™ to help seal open containers!

Use 2BLOK to help seal open containers!

Invented by the owner of an insulation business who uses spray foam, 2BLOK™ was created out of sheer necessity.  Named as a play on words, the inventor wanted to create a method to block out air or “tube block” his adhesives so they could be used again.  Frustrated with alternatives, 2BLOK™ was truly inspired.  What makes 2BLOK™ different than other methods on the market?  2BLOK™ is a permanent solution for sealing left over tubes without discoloring surfaces, is odorless, leaves no residue and never dries out.

2BLOK™ is a pliable, re-usable rubber polymer whose uses are amazingly endless.  Apply a small pinch to be rolled into a ball or spread for more coverage.  Cover the end of any tube, bottle or straw to create an airtight seal.  Spread over electrical cord connections, gaskets or leaky pipes to create a waterproof seal.  Pinch together to seal battery cables on boats or cars to protect from rust and corrosion.  Use to seal cracks in drafty windows.  Even use 2BLOK™ to stick an extra house key under an outdoor safe spot for emergencies.  Use, re-use and use again for the next project!

Keep water out of extension cord connections with 2Blok!

Keep water out of extension cord connections with 2BLOK!

2BLOK™ is a safe, re-usable putty that is also non-toxic and food grade for even use in the kitchen.  Lose or break the lid to a bottle?  2BLOK™ can be effortlessly formed to any dimension to create an airtight seal for a variety of different sized openings.  Accidental split or crack in the wine cork?  2BLOK™ can be safely used to replace a cork or top, keeping contents airtight for next use.  2BLOK™ may be just the perfect companion to add to kitchen drawers and tool boxes when looking to seal something up tight.




Keep carbonated beverages fresh with 2Blok!

Keep carbonated beverages fresh with 2BLOK!

Available in 2-packs, each “ball” of 2BLOK™ is individually packaged for immediate use and require no special storage for use.  Check out the website for additional uses, testimonials and shipping information.

When considering all-purpose repairs, look no further than 2BLOK™!