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“Being a retired Mechanical Engineer living on a fixed income you quickly learn to do two things;  find inexpensive ways to fix things and don’t waste money.  Nothing was more frustrating than buying a tube of caulking compound, using it for a small job,  storing it away for a few months only to find when using it again the caulking material had hardened rendering the tube useless.  Until one day a friend introduced me to 2Blok.   Being an engineer I was skeptical that  a small ball of putty could stop a caulking tube from hardening but since my friend raved about the product, I gave it a try.  I can describe this product in two words, SIMPLY AMAZING!  I have caulking tubes in my garage going on three years old and the caulk is as pliable as the day I opened the tube.  But that’s not all, I continually find so many other uses for 2Blok  ike making gaskets for leaky water pipe connections,  using 2Blok on different types of glue bottles like 3M and Gorilla glue products to stop the glue from hardening,   using it to seal battery cables on my boat battery,  sealing cracks in drafty windows, making a waterproof seal on outdoor Christmas light connections and the list keeps growing daily.  My latest discovery was sticking a BB size drop of 2Blok inside my wallet to store an extra house key.  The putty stuck to the leather but I could easily remove the key when needed…brilliant!  The best part of all..this stuff is reusable, take it off one thing use it over again on something else.  Hats off  to Mr. Roberts for making  this amazing product available to skeptics like me.  I am a true believer!!!”

Frank T. , Barrington, NH